Coast to Coast unicycle training final week – ready for the off!

Due to various last minute preparation activities during the week, and a deliberate avoidance for recovery at the weekend, I didn’t get quite as much time in the saddle this week as some previous weeks. I did manage one reasonably long ride though, and I’m finally ready for the Coast to Coast unicycle challenge for the British Heart Foundation.

Despite getting completely wiped out on Sunday’s lovely tour of Bristol’s drinking fountains, I managed to get up early enough to do the full extended commute into work on Monday. I didn’t leave work early enough for the full 8 miles on the way home, but still rode about 3 times more than my normal pre-training route for the day.

Tuesday was the biggest riding day of the week this time. I didn’t want to do a long ride at the weekend, as I didn’t want to wear myself out before even starting the Coast to Coast ride on Monday, and I also needed enough time to pack. However, the Bristol and Bath Perl Mongers had their monthly social meeting on Tuesday, this time held at the Star Inn in Bath, to celebrate the release of Rakudo Star. This gave me the opportunity to ride to Bath in the evening, which while not quite the distance of my usual weekend rides, was still a good 16 miles on top of the 5 or so I’d ridden in the morning. I got the usual smiles and good natured “where’s your other wheel?” comments, but I was also threatened with a soaking from a bunch of kids throwing waterbombs from one of the bridges over the cycle path. Fortunately their aim wasn’t quite good enough, and their several aquaeous missiles all fell short, leaving me dry but for my own sweat.

Wednesday was unicycle hockey day as usual, but I was still wary of damaging my knee, so I again elected to referee. I paid closer attention this time, only missing a couple of blatant fouls. I didn’t escape entirely uninjured though; I suffered a very slight skin abrasion from one player’s tyre, and he wasn’t even riding at the time. My knees were safe though, so I’m still in good condition for the big ride next week.

Packed and ready to cross the country

Too much stuff?

I’ve spent a lot of time packing today (Saturday), and have as usual been surprised by just how much stuff I seem to need to take with me. Even with three supplemental bags for food, tent and miscellaneous sundries, the rest still doesn’t all fit into my rucksack, and I’ve managed to almost completely fill the suitcase. I have avoided having to take the big suitcase though, which I don’t think would have impressed the very kind people who will be giving me a lift up to Whitehaven tomorrow.

I’ll be posting GPS trails of the ride on my SportyPal account, so you can track my progress across the country. I’ll also be tweeting as we go. Depending on technological logistics, I might even manage a blog post or two.

Training this week: 69 miles, just a shade under half the Coast to Coast distance. Total training: 1709 miles. I’ve been training hard for the last five months, leaving me with little spare time for anything else, but I don’t think I would have been ready otherwise. I’ll be in the saddle for 5 or 6 hours Monday to Thrusday next week, which will certainly be hard work, but it should also be reasonably enjoyable. If you like what I’m doing, please sponsor me, as this is all to raise awareness of, and money for, the British Heart Foundation, and the great work they do.

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