Breakfast Burrito

While browsing the Market of Curiosities at the Frome Steampunk Extravaganza last weekend, I got talking to the friendly people at the Hot Sauce Emporium stand. One of them turned out to be a fellow porridge adulerator, and one outcome from our discussion which started with merely adding flavours to oats, was the idea of the refried porridge burrito. Having acquired some of Dr Burnorium’s ghost-pepper-stuffed Psycho Chocolate at the stall, this morning I made my first attempt at realising the idea.

Actually, I started last night, by making some relatively plain porridge (oats and soya milk, plus some diced sweet potato, mainly for a bit of interest, but also because it’s the closest to beans I had available). I usually make my porridge quite thick, but leaving it overnight allowed it to set further, making it more amenable to refrying, which was the first step this morning:

Refrying the porridge

Refrying the porridge

That would probably be just about OK on its own, but maybe a bit bland. So, what else commonly goes in burritos? Depending on the variant you prefer, it might be something along the lines of chilli, rice and cheese. With what I had to hand this morning, that meant Psycho Chocolate (all three flavours, of course), amazake, and Stinking Bishop (also acquired while at FSE, albeit in Frome’s regular Saturday market):

Stinking Bishop, amazake, refried Sweet potato porridge, Psycho chocolate

Laying out the burrito filling

Then I just had to roll it up and sample the results, which I’m glad to say were extremely satisfactory. I still have plenty of the chocolate left, as it’s wasteful (and possibly dangerous) to eat more than a couple of chunks in one sitting, so I may try to improve on the recipe in next weekend’s cereal experiment.


Now that’s what I call a breakfast burrito!

I’m sure I’ve said it here before, but porridge really is jolly good stuff. The very blandness which puts some people off means that by adding pretty much any flavour (sweet, savoury or both) you can make something tasty and filling. Oh, and another surprise from the conversation at the stand was finding the only other person I’ve met so far who has discovered for himself the awesome flavour combination of honey and Marmite, though he didn’t reveal to what use he’d put it.

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