Friday at “Asylum Steampunk Festival 2017”

Photos from the first day of  the ninth “Weekend at the Asylum” steampunk festival in Lincoln.

After spending 10 hours travelling up from Cornwall on Thursday, we didn’t feel much like unpacking and getting stuff ready in the evening, so we didn’t get onto the Steampunk Campus quite as early as we would have preferred on Friday. This meant that we missed most of the steamwizard duelling tournament while standing in the registration queue. We did get there in time to see a few matches though:

The final saw a Death Eater put in his place:

There was supposed to be a seconds/reserves tournament, but Stevy was the only one who had turned up, so she got to fight the winner of the main tournament. Her pre-match sledging was top notch, but the champion wasn’t to be beaten.


I hadn’t had time to learn any of the spells, so didn’t feel confident enough to take part myself, but I did wear a steamwizard outfit. The tailcoat, dino skeletons (which are actually a necklace) and lizard medallion (a bath plug) were acquired only the previous weekend, at the steam fair in Stithians. It was a surprisingly hot day (the first and mildest of the four), and I was only able to remove the rings late in the evening after my fingers had cooled back down to normal size:

And finally, a gratuitous tea-bike and sidecar:


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