Monday at “Asylum Steampunk Festival 2017”

Photos from the last day of  the ninth “Weekend at the Asylum” steampunk festival in Lincoln. Click on them for larger views

My originally planned outfit for the last day involved a thick velvet jacket, but the weather was far too warm for that, so we went with something relatively lightweight:

I was stewarding at the Great Exhibition in the morning, which included the teapot racing. As a steward, I couldn’t take many decent photos, but I did get to see most of the action on the live-streamed video to screens all around the room.

Last event before the closing ceremony, which seemed to individually thank most of the people in the Universe, many of whom were also awarded medals, was the Steampunk Choir Of Notorious Excellence. With my typical disorganisation, I’d forgotten that they’d be there, so I missed all but their last song:

Only a year to prepare for next year’s Asylum SteampunX Festival? I’ll never be ready in time!

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